INVITATION ONLY ~ Fiber Club - Luxe Edition: Customers outside of US and Canada

$ 118.00

PLEASE NOTE: Please choose this listing only if you are a customer in the United States. Other listings for international customers with the correct shipping amounts are available.

This listing is for a subscription to the Huckleberry Knits Fiber Club. Over the next six months, you will receive three packages, each with a different spinning fiber. For the first half of the calendar year, you'll get one package in January/February, one in March/April, and one in May/June. During the second half of the year, your packages will go out in July/August, September/October, and November/December.

In the Luxe Edition of the club, each fiber will be a silk blend, with occasional offerings of cashmere, yak, or other exotic fibers.

Combed top and roving will arrive in approximately 4 oz braids; the occasional ultra-luxe blend will arrive as 3.5 oz braids. You will have the option of buying additional fiber in the club colorway. Other benefits include free shipping of other purchases when combined with your fiber club shipment.

The photos in this listing are included as examples of previous club colorways, and will not be part of your subscription.

The subscription price includes the cost of shipping.



What customers say about Huckleberry Knits fiber:

"Your fiber spins like butter! It just melts into yarn."

"[Your fiber] was an absolute delight to spin!!! My first Falkland I spun was a horrible experience........sticky and compacted. Other ravelers encouraged me to try Falkland again from a different dyer and it was so much nicer. But yours was wonderful! Thanks for the effort you put into quality fiber bases and great prep. I so appreciated it!"


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