Gradient sock-weight yarn: Autumn Tidepool variation

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This is a variation of Autumn Tidepool without the brackish green: just the deep reddish-purple, burgundy, rust, burnt orange, and golden yellow. It was originally dyed as a sock blank, and then unraveled, washed, and wound into a ball, ready for knitting or crocheting. Sock blanks are machine-knitted strips, which are then dyed to produce long gradual color changes with beautiful transitional colors. There may be pale or white speckling throughout the skein.

Please note that the blank only unravels in one direction! If you want to start with the color at the opposite end of the blank, you'll need to unravel the entire blank first.

When you unravel the blank, the yarn will be crinkled up. If you prefer to work with smoother yarn, you can unravel it into a skein, wash it, hang it to dry, and then wind it into a ball. You can also choose the winding service option, where I unravel, wash, and wind the yarn for you.

This gradient is 3.5 oz (100 g) of 75/25 superwash merino/nylon fingering yarn, measuring approximately 463 yards. The merino is soft and springy, while the nylon lends it durability. Recommended needle size: US 0-2 (2.0-2.75 mm). While items made from this yarn can be machine washed, hand washing in cold water is recommended, to extend the life of your handmade items. Lay flat to dry.

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