American Dream Sock: 3.7 oz

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Introducing American Dream Sock! This is a new base yarn for Huckleberry Knits, a blend of 80% superwash merino and 20% nylon that is 100% grown, processed, superwash-treated, and spun in the U.S. This is a beautifully springy yarn, with four tight plies that create a round yarn with superb stitch definition. I'm thrilled to be supporting our domestic textile industry and reducing my carbon footprint by offering this yarn.

This skein of American Dream Sock is 3.7 oz and approximately 400 yards. U.S. 0-2, machine or hand wash in cold water, lay flat to dry.

Sometimes I dye without a real plan, just applying color as ideas occur to me. I think of these as my Catch and Release colorways, where I capture a combination from the dyeing wilderness and then send it back out into the world. They aren't always repeatable, so you may never see it again!

It's dyed with my watercolor technique, a hybrid of handpainting and low-water immersion. This produces paler, more random color transitions while retaining the depth of color produced by handpainting.

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