Double-stranded gradient sock blank: pink to purple to blue

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For those of you who like to make identical socks or symmetrical pieces like center-out shawls, I'm now offering double-stranded sock blanks. These are machine-knitted strips, made by knitting with two strands, which are then dyed to produce long gradual color changes. If you're knitting socks, try making both at the same time, or otherwise you'll be making one sock and winding up the other strand into a ball at the same time.

This gradient begins with cherry blossom pink, shades into grape, and finishes with rich nautical blue.

This sock blank was knitted with 3.5 oz (100 g) of 75/25 superwash merino/nylon fingering yarn, measuring approximately 463 yards. The merino is soft and springy, while the nylon lends it durability. Recommended needle size: US 0-2 (2.0-2.75 mm). While items made from this yarn can be machine washed, hand washing in cold water is recommended, to extend the life of your handmade items. Lay flat to dry.


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