Our Story

Huckleberry Knits offers artisan yarns and spinning fiber, dyed by hand in glowing, saturated colors in our small studio in Bellingham, Washington.

We select our base yarns and fibers with an eye towards what inspires us: unique sheep breeds with their own distinctive qualities, beautiful blends that are greater than the sum of their parts, American grown whenever possible.

Our colorways are developed to spark your creativity, with semisolids full of subtle tonal changes, and variegated combinations that make rainbows jealous.

About the Dyer

Scarlet Tang is the owner and dyer of Huckleberry Knits. She learned to knit at age 7 or 8 and made blankets and capes for all of her stuffed animals. She grew up and started a career in public involvement and environmental marketing, because she wanted to help her community feel more connected to the public policies that were shaping their present and future choices.

When she had a baby, Scarlet started knitting again. Then she started dyeing. When she went to her first show, Sock Summit in 2009, she was amazed by the camaraderie and warmth she saw among people who were all connected by their love of fiber. And she was hooked by that sense of community, the one that she'd spent her whole adult life trying to build.

Almost 10 years after she first started selling hand knits in a little corner of the internet, that sense of community is what keeps her going. There's no greater compliment than when you're inspired to take the work of her hands and make it part of your own work. Thank you.