Next shop update March 25, 2019 22:05

I've gotten some questions about when I'll have new listings. I'm just finishing up a string of shows (beginning with Madrona in Feb, and ending with the Whidbey spin-in, April 6-7), so I expect to finally have some time to add inventory to the online shop after that. I know there are a number of you hoping for gradients, fiber, and Singular. Thanks for asking, and thanks for your patience with this one-woman show!

Also, speaking of shows. I recently learned that my friend Satomi of Japanese Handmade had a credit card reader malfunction at OFFF last September. If you bought one of her wonderful bags there and paid with a credit card, it's very possible that you weren't charged. Could you please check your records and get in touch with her, if you weren't charged? I know she would truly appreciate it.